Too weak

Plööh, joku passiivisangstinen öö... Novelli? En nyt ole kyllä ihan varma määritelmästä, mutten saa aikaiseksi kaivella sanakirjoista varmistustakaan. Sanotaan siis notta lätinä, in English of course. Alunperin kirjoitettu ja postattu Tumblriin; siitä siis lopun hashtagit.


Guys. Let’s picture something.

You play a nice traditional rpg. Then, while adventuring in the beautiful and exciting world, you suddenly find yourself in an area where enemies are a bit too strong for you to handle. You haven’t saved the game in a long while, so although the situation seems though, you decide to push on instead of restarting from the last save point.

Your dear team mates get badly hurt. You use all of the healing items you have to keep them going. In vain.

Some of your friends die in front of you. Shitty situation, but at least you can always resurrect them at the next temple.

While you are taking a quick nap, the rest of your crew decides to leave you to continue your stupid quest on your own. When you wake up, there is no one but you. You and the cruel path in front of you, everywhere around you. You have no other choice but to push on.

You use even all of your special once-in-a-game -kind of items to aid you, and you finally make it to a little, gray town. You are so darn relieved you could kiss the first stranger you see.

But when examined from close by, you realize there is hardly any inhabitants in the town. There is no temple, no shop, no inn. You have no way to restock your empty bag. You have no way to see your fallen friends ever again.

So, there you are, in the gray little town. You can’t go onwards, since the enemies there would just slaughter you in a blink of an eye. But no, you can’t go backwards either, since you’ve already used every bit of your supplies to get through that path once. You are too weak to continue to any direction.

You are too weak. All of the doors in front of you are closed.

Well, except one.

You can always delete the whole save and some day start the game all over again. Maybe you are then able to make wiser decisions and get to the happy ending; rescue the princess and be cherished and loved by the ones dear to you.

You shrug your shoulders and delete your saved data. It’s just a mere game anyway.

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