Pizza delivery

Vähän enemmänkin kuin semisti läppä turinapätkä parin andriaanalaishahmon anthroversion viikonlopunvietosta. Ei sisällä suoranaisesti mitään kauhean sopimatonta, mutta en nyt silti osaa suositella tätä oikeastaan kenellekään, hahah. In English just because of nonexistent reasons.

It was just a regular Friday afternoon and Ister had decided to reward himself for a long week's work well done. He had rented an awesome new movie from a local video store (at least the number of x's indicated it had to be awesome) and was just getting comfortable on his couch when the apartment's doorbell rang. The fat wolfdog had no other option but to leave his movie for a while, but that was okay, since he pretty much knew what was waiting for him at his front door; he had ordered a special double-sized salami pizza for the after party. And besides, the first minutes of the movies were always dull anyway, so he wasn't exactly missing out anything.

But when Ister opened the door of his apartment, his good mood slipped away in an instant. There was no pizza and not even a deliveryman to carry it!
"Hello Ister", a young, serious-looking woman greeted him and waved lazily her hand.
"Zésira", the disappointed male grunted and pulled his ears, one whole and one stub, against his head. He had no reason to hide his annoyance from the youngster, who he kind of counted as his friend, but who was still not nearly important enough to be treated anyway specially.
"I happened to got suddenly some free time and since I was around the block, I decided to stop by", Trezésira Diora explained earnestly and didn't seem to care a bit about Ister's grumpiness.
"I, uh, that's nice, but I actually am kind of busy just right now. Not time to hang out or anything", Ister protested a bit rudely and didn't even mean to invite his long-haired guest inside. Unfortunately Zésira wasn't even expecting such an act, so without hesitance she simply slipped past the much bigger canine and started to take off her shoes.
"That's okay, I won't bother you. You can do your work without even noticing I'm here", she promised, which made Ister sigh loudly. There was not point to argue that, since if Zésira was good at something, it indeed was sitting still and being silent. It would've been great if Ister actually had some ordinary work to do, but in this instance he really didn't care to have someone around to stare him while he was enjoying himself.

Since there seemed to be no way to help things, Ister had to shut his door and get to the living room in order to pause the movie before Zésira saw what kind of stuff it was about. Sadly the story, if one could call it that way, was just getting interesting and clothes were starting to peel off, but that was even better reason to put it off right away. So, looking actually a bit sad, Ister put the DVD on hold and shut the television just while his uninvited visitor walked in.
"You should really consider cleaning this place up sometime. I'm pretty sure I saw that particular spider web by the corner the last time I was here, and I don't even visit that often", Zésira noted and crossing her legs sat to the sofa. Ister grunted back and didn't even take a look at the mentioned web; he knew it was there and it didn't bother him a slightest bit. That wasn't although really the case with some underwear the woman was just about to start poking, so grabbing that and a couple of dirty socks from the floor Ister marched to his bathroom. When he was stuffing the laundry to the already full basket the doorbell rang again, and the irritated wolfdog swore that if it wasn't this time the pizza delivery, he wouldn't eat the mentioned Italian specialty ever again. When walking to the door he realized how long time forever was, so he reduced it by a year or two, though.

Fortunately the male didn't need to live up his words, since this time it really was a deliveryman with his tasty-smelling cargo. Eager to get at least his food Ister took the package and tried to pay it, but the foreign deliverer didn't accept his Visa for a reason unknown the whole English speaking World, so he had to scrape the payment from his coin pocket. It took some time and counting the dimes right took even longer, so when Ister finally was able to get the pizza and kick the man out, he had almost forget the whole existence of Zésira. He was just about to bring the pizza to the kitchen when he realized that the television was turned back on and the hidden DVD was playing again - only the voices were turned off.
"I thought you wouldn't mind as long as I didn't make any noise", Zésira explained with a-matter-of-fact type of tone and didn't even seem to flinch when the two canines on the screen were getting each other undressed. Ister, on the other hand, stared the whole scenery with his mouth hanging open. He didn't know was his friend really aware of what she was about to watch, but if she was, this was certainly a new side of her he had never known about.
"You... Krhm, you really think you'd like to watch this? Wouldn't cartoons or something fit your age better?" Ister notified after following the weird situation for a while. But Zésira just shrugged and picked up the case of the DVD which Ister had apparently forgotten to hide away.
"Well, this says it's for adults, and I actually am one nowadays, in case you haven't noticed. And this seems interesting, so why not? Kind of educational", the youngster replied and Ister couldn't really deny any of it. So, in order to collect his thoughts, he continued his way to the kitchen in order to lay the pizza on the table.

After getting rid of his carriage Ister turned back to take a peek to the living room without Zésira noticing him. It really looked like she was going to watch the movie while waiting his host to get rid of his work - which he had none - but after getting over of the disturbance of the idea the whole thing seemed kind of sad. Also very pathetic, twisted and kind of hot, but sad anyway. The girl had to be 20-something for Lord's sake, and there she was tilting her head right and left while trying to get the hang of things!
"You know, has anyone ever told you it's not the best way to learn things just by reading or watching them?" Ister finally said when the movie was getting to the real action and the male actually regretted it had its audio turned off. Without any visible surprise for the fact that she had gotten spied on, Zésira turned to meet Ister's gaze.
"Yes, I know. But it's still better than nothing, right?" she answered and actually gave away a dry smile, which didn't really reach her eyes. Ister was soon smirking on the behalf of them both, though.
"Well, maybe you need to find out yourself is it true or not", he suggested so transparently even the young woman understood what he was after. She didn't really seem reluctant, more like hesitant, when she turned back to the movie and seemed to consider the offer while Ister inched slowly out of the kitchen.
"My mother is definitely going to kill you if she finds out", she remembered to warn laconically when the male sat beside her and made the coach groan a bit.
"Then we just need to make sure she doesn't", Ister acknowledged and touched lightly Zésira's straight, black hair. The girl wasn't really the prettiest in the world, being pretty flat and all, but her shiny hair had certainly something quite appealing on it.
"...did you know you are very,very predictable", Zésira had change to sigh, but before she got to roll her eyes, Ister shut her mouth and gave her something else to think. And she didn't really prevent him from doing so.

Needless to say, the next time Ister even thought about his pizza, it had already gotten cold and inedible.