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Kuvakaappausten ja luonnossuttujen kautta kerrottu Nuzlocke-seikkailu Pokémon Crystalin maisemissa. Pitämällä hiirtä haluamasi kuvan päällä voit lukea englanniksi mietteitäni kustakin tapahtumasta ja kuvia klikkaamalla ne aukeavat täysikokoisena uuteen ikkunaan. Sarjaan voi tutustua myös Tumblrin kautta.

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Part 1

It’s Pokémon’s 25th anniversary and what would be a better day to start a new Nuzlocke adventure? Or more like half new, because like the last one it’s about the second gen as I was never satisfied of how things ended in that one. This one is played on an actual cartridge version of the game, so technical issues shouldn’t become an issue, but on the other hand the quality of the “screenshots” (they are actually photos of the screen) is rather low. That's why I didn’t take photos of every little story detail: we’ve been through this gen once already and editing all of these photos took so, so much time as it is.

The rules are almost the same as last time:

  • Fainted Pokémon are considered dead and can never be used again.
  • You can only catch the first Pokémon you meet in every area.
  • Every Pokémon must be named.
  • Use https://dicelog.com/yafnag to help naming your Pokémon.
  • Battle style is set.
  • Negative duplicate clause is in effect, meaning if you already have the first Pokémon you encounter in an area you can’t catch anything from that area.
  • Starter is determined by the last digit of your trainer ID: 1-3 means grass starter, 4-6 means fire starter, 7-9 means water starter and 0 means you move on to the next number.
  • Shinies can always be caught. Red Gyarados doesn’t count as shiny, though.
  • Eggs and gifted Pokémon count as your encounter in the area you got them in.
  • Roaming legendaries can be caught if they are your first encounter in an area. Them running away doesn’t matter, because they are the same creatures that you will encounter again later.
  • Other legendaries can be caught if they fit to all other rules.
  • If you have to break the rules in order to advance in the game (for example to use HMs), you are allowed to do that.
  • If you wipe out you can either end the challenge there or continue if you have Pokémon in your PC.

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    Btw something to mention for transparency’s sake: Muraire was actually an accidentally illegal catch. I didn’t realize that the outside of Mt. Silver was technically the same area as inside (because wtf why???) and I already saw a Tangela that ran away before catching Muraire in that area. I only realized this when I had put a lot of time into training him so I decided not to care. But if it makes you feel any better, if I hadn’t caught him I would’ve used my Graveler/Golem Farebor instead and they are extremely similar in all the ways that mattered.

    Oh, and that second battle against E4 was like a walk in the park thanks to the levels of my team, which is why I didn’t show more screenshots of that.

    Part 22 (?)

    This Nuzlocke post was an April Fools’ joke (did you notice the Unowns?) - I absolutely did not get obliterated by Red’s Pikachu. =‘D I just knew I had to make a joke like that when I realized that originally the final post of the run would’ve landed on April Fools’ day.

    But how did I execute the whole thing? Well, because I’m a big softie it would’ve felt wrong to me to force my actual team to “die” in the battle, not to mention I’m not sure if the Pikachu would’ve ever been able to knock out a Steelix, hahah. So the story is that Inild the Haunter recruited six of his Gastly friends (shown here), all named after the team members, to do the prank. I had to wander through Mt. Silver without Flash and with six under level ten Gastly in order to reach Red, which was alredy quite a journey. Then I just battled against Red, let the team of Gastly faint and took photos of everything.

    But why exactly Gastly? Well, they are pranksters who would certainly appreciate such stunts, plus they are ghosts who can’t die because they are already dead. u___u I, uh, might’ve spent a bit more time to think this through than would’ve been truly necessary.

    Part 22