hiton nuzlocke 2

Kuvakaappausten ja luonnossuttujen kautta kerrottu Nuzlocke-seikkailu Pokémon Goldin maisemissa. Pitämällä hiirtä haluamasi kuvan päällä voit lukea englanniksi mietteitäni kustakin tapahtumasta ja kuvia klikkaamalla ne aukeavat täysikokoisena uuteen ikkunaan. Sarjaan voi tutustua myös Tumblrin kautta.

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Part 1

It is finally time! If you aren’t familiar with Nuzlocke challenges, it basically means I play a Pokémon game using these three basic rules:

  • Fainted Pokémon is considered dead and can never be used again.
  • You can only catch the first Pokémon you meet in every area.
  • Every Pokémon must be named.

I also used some additional rules for this challenge:

  • Use http://www.playr.org/ to play the game.
  • Use https://dicelog.com/yafnag to generate names for Pokémon.
  • Battle style is set.
  • Negative duplicate clause is in effect, meaning if you already have the first Pokémon you encounter in the area you can’t catch anything in that area.
  • Starter is determined by the last digit of trainer id: 1-3 means grass starter, 4-6 means fire starter, 7-9 means water starter and 0 means you move to the next number.
  • Shinies can always be caught. Red Gyarados doesn’t count as shiny, though.
  • Eggs count as your encounter in the area you got them in and they should also be hatched in the same area.
  • Legendary beasts can be caught if the beast is your first encounter in the area and you manage to catch it in that same area. It running away doesn’t matter, because it is the same beast that you will encounter again later.
  • Other legendaries can be caught if they fit to all other rules.
  • If you have to break the rules in order to advance in game (for example to use HMs), you are allowed to do that.
  • If you wipe out you can continue if you have Pokémon in your PC.

Part 2

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Part 18

Part 19

So yeah, that was it. I know I had the rule that would’ve let me train a new team, but I decided against it. That’s because, like I have already briefly mentioned, from part 15 onward I had major techical difficulties with the game file. I couldn’t make the game work for several days and when I finally did, I couldn’t save it at all. And playing without saving is disaster just waiting to happen.

The two critical hits here as well as Dalem’s surprising death previously were the things that sealed my faith. I also was way underleveled so who knows what would’ve happened against Lance anyway, but that’s how I have play these games: not grinding pretty much at all and just putting my faith in my team. This time it wasn’t enough.

Sorry it had to end this way! =')